Knowing some tips when you are new to something is used as there could be mistakes that you will just repeat because of ignorance. If you do not know something then you can try to use your own judgments sometimes. But knowing it can make your beginning better and you can be able to learn something faster. So if you had already made your research on wood burning and want o start, you can read this first so you can know the ideas.

When it comes to the type of wood, you can know that the softwoods type like the aspen or the pine tree is the ones who can burn easier as compared to the hardwoods. If you will also use sandpaper, this is to remove anything from the residue that could accumulate in the pen for wood burning. But be careful as the tip is very hot so do not touch it a long time. It is best that you have pliers with you so that you can use them to be able to remove tips of the wood burning pen.

The tips are cold but when the tool is hot, better use the pliers to be safe. When you are using the pen, make sure to not put too much pressure in them but let them flow freely so that they will not bend. When you will have new techniques or steps to follow and you want to test it, it is better to use the same type of wood you will work on finally. You can practice using the different tips of the pen and see their effect and the patterns they can create.