On of the work of art that you can practice as a hobby is wood burning. There are simple steps and images that you can do when you are just starting. You can also buy tools that are cheap and when you are already okay you can buy ones that are higher in price and also offers more features than the basic ones. But the basic ones are nice as you can be able to use them. Sometimes it depends also on what you are suitable to use.

Others do not recommend some type of pen to use but it can also depend on the person as one could be better with the basic than the others. In the video above is a tutorial on how to make a butterfly. It shows you how it was done. First is the burning and getting all the forms of the image or picture. After the wood burning is the coloring part. If you d not know yet what would you use then you will be at a loss.

But if you already have known the basic ones you must do then you can just do it. You can smoothly do it and you may also have your own technique for doing it, the burning and then coloring. The end result of the tutorial is very nice and it could give encouragement to people who may try to like to try also the wood burning. Having the necessary tools is important to learning.