The tools that you will need when you want to start with wood burning are simple ones. There are the different techniques that are being done at this point in time so you could be able to also have different tools. But there are the basic ones that you can have as the beginner tools. If you had already begun then you can practice so that you will be able to turn into other styles. But as you are beginning, let us know some of the basic tools.

The first thing that you should do is to have your own wood burning pen. You can have the basic one that can have the four tips. You can use them for some months and it is good that it has four tips as you can also lose the others. You can buy another pen after some months if you want to continue the hobby. You can explore and have some additional options when you already know how to do it.

The other tools you will need is the carbon paper that is used to copy the picture into the wood. The tape is also needed to keep it in place. The sandpaper is also part of the tools you should have. A wet paper towel is also recommended and you can use them to wipe the tip of the pen when something became attached to it. The last thing is that you should have your own design that you will copy into the wood.