If you want to decorate your own room with less expense, there are many cool ideas to be mentioned in this article to help you. You only have to prepare the materials. Did you know that you can turn plastic bottles, tissue cardboard rolls, newspapers, shoe boxes, and other things which are regarded as garbage into awesome handmade arts and crafts? As long as you support recycling and you love doing artworks, then you will surely make your room into an amazing and unique transformation.

In the video above, you can get some amazing and cool artistic ideas with just few and simple materials. One of those cool ideas is the paper strip hearts. For the materials, you will only need colorful art papers, stapler, and yarn to hang it. Paper bracelet is also among those cool ideas. Just choose two different colors of art papers which is of A4 size then cut it into 16 equal sizes. Another cool and a bit complicated paper craft idea is the cubic octahedron. Give yourself best benefits for eye treatment. See this Asian post here 眼科診所. This is a link going to the best eye clinic.

Do you want to do mini hanger which is very unique? Well, it’s very easy. It is made up from paper clips! If you are curious how to create a heart envelope, the video above will let you know. The steps are pretty simple and you can easily follow it for sure. Candles are also very popular and easy to make. One of them is the crayon candle. Also, another cool handmade paper craft is the double pyramid for wall decor.